National parks in India

National parks in India series ends here. we have tried our very best to cover most important features of national parks in India. National parks in India topic is very crucial for any government exam either be ssc, UPSC or pcs learn them by heart and keep revising.

In this national parks in India series we have only covered physiography, vegetation wild life is more or less same region wise and some unique variety only found in that national park is listed.

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National Parks in Maharashtra

Sanjay Gandhi National Park-

  • Kanheri caves
  • Tulsi and vihar lake
  • Kurvi shrub(a type of shrub only bloom once in eight years)

Navegaon National Park-

  • Also a bird sanctuary

Chandoli National Park-

  • Southern portion of Shyadri Tiger Reserve with Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Warna river
  • Flat topped rocky lateritic plateau called saddas
  • Malabar moist forest and moist deciduous forest


Gugamal National Park

  • Dry deciduous forest

Tadoba Andheri National Park-

  • Maharashtra oldest and largest National Park
  • Tiger reserve
  • Tadoba lake
  • Tropical dry deciduous forest
  • Indian Python and Terrapins are found here

National Parks in Karnataka

Bandipur National Park-

  • Together with Nagarhole National Park, Madumalai National Park and Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary
  • Part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  • In North-Kabini River and South- Moyar River and Nagu River pass through middle of the park
  • Dry deciduous forest, most deciduous forest and shrub land
  • Huge variety of butterflies and insects

Nagarhole National Park-

  • Also known as Rajeev Gandhi National Park
  • From foothills of western Ghats spreading down the Brhamgiri hills and south towards kerla
  • Kabini Reservoir separates it from Bandipur
  • Kabini River
  • Moist deciduous forest

Bannerghatta National Park-

  • A zoo in this
  • An animal rescue center in this park
  • A butterfly enclosure is also there
  • A fenced elephant sanctuary
  • An aquarium too
  • Snake house
  • Safari park
  • Act as elephant corridor into Sathyamangalam Forest in Tamil Nadu
  • Moist deciduous forest

Kudremukh National Park

  • Kudremukh peak
  • Evergreen on western portion
  • Surrounded by coffee and tea plantation on north and eastern boundaries
  • Three major river the Tunga, Bhadra, and Nethravathi
  • Kadambi waterfalls

National Parks in Kerala

Silent valley National Park-

  • Behind names there are lot of stories
  • Largest National Park in Kerala
  • Located in Nilgiri Hills
  • Tropical moist evergreen forest
  • South western ghats mountain rain forest
  • Core of Nilgiri International Biosphere Reserve
  • Kunthipuza River
  • Sispara peak and Anginda peak
  • Largest population of Lion-Tailed Macaque
  • Many variety species of insects , around 500 species of Earthworms, and leeches too

Periyar National Park-

  • Tiger reserve
  • Elephant reserve
  • Located in Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills
  • Periyar and Pambar River
  • Tropical evergreen and Moist deciduous forests
  • Grasslands
  • Eucalyptus
  • Periyar lake
  • White tiger is also found here

Ervakulam National Park-

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Along western Ghats and high latitude grassland interspersed with Sholas
  • Anaimudi Highest peak in south
  • Largest population of Nilgiri Tahr(endangered)

Mathiketan Shola National Park-

  • Shoal forest

Anamudi Shola National Park-

  • Along western Ghats
  • High rainfall

Pampadum Shola National Park

  • Montane evergreen shoal forests
  • Nilgiri Marten is keystone species

National Parks in Tamil Nadu

Guindy National Parks-

  • Ex-situ and In-situ Conservation
  • Dry evergreen scrub and thorn forest
  • Grassland
  • Wide variety of snakes, Geckos, Tortoises and Birds, Butterflies and Spider

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park-

  • 21 small islands and coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar in Indian Ocean
  • Core area of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve
  • Estuaries
  • Mudflats
  • Beaches
  • Mangroves forest and sea grasses\

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

  • Located in Anaimalai Hills
  • Wet evergreen forest
  • Semi-evergreen forestr
  • Montane shola graasland, moist deciduous, dry deciduous
  • Thorn forest and Marshes

Mudumalai National Park

  • Tiger reserve
  • Northwestern side of Nilgiri Hills
  • Tropical moist deciduous(west)
  • Tropical dry deciduous(middle)
  • Southern tropical dry thorn forest in East
  • Black and Orange fly catchers

Mukurthi National Parks

  • Western part of Nilgiri Plateau
  • Montane grassland and shrublands interspersed with Sholas
  • Part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  • Billuthandahalla, Pyakara, Kundha River

National parks in Andhra Pradesh

Sri Venkateswara National Park-

Papikonda National Park-

Mahavir Harnina Vanasthali National Park



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