Part 5 of 6 series of national parks

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National Parks in Meghalaya

meghalaya map.png

Balpakram National Park-


  • South of Garo hills
  • Called as abode of perpetual winds or land of spirit
  • Hotspot of biodiversity, pitcher plant is found here
  • Rare medical herbs locally called as dikges
  • Famous for golden cat and red panda.

Norkrek National Park-


  • West of Garo hills
  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Known for citrus plant
  • All important rivers and streams of Garo hills originate from Norkrek Range( like simsang river)
  • Famous for Sijju caves and red panda.

National Parks in Assam


Kaziranga National Park-


  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Brahmputra river, Diphlu, Mora, Dhansari Rivers
  • Landscape is made of sand bars, riverine flood-formed lakes
  • Indomalya ecozone-semi evergreen forest of the tropical and sub-tropical moist broadleaf forest and Terai-duar Savanna and grassland
  • One horned rhino

Manas National Park-

manas national park.png

  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Tiger reserve
  • Elephant reserve
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Located in foothills of eastern Himalaya, on international border dividing India and Bhutan
  • Manas river
  • Two biomes-grassland and forest
  • Combination of sub-Himalayan Bhabhar Terai formation leading upto Himalayan subtropical broadleaf forest(semi-evrgreen)
  • Assam roof turtle
  • Pygmy hog(critically endangered)only available here

Dibru-Siakhowa National Park-


  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Lohit river north and Dibru river in south
  • Largest salix forest
  • Tropical monsoon climate consisting of moist mixed semi-evergreen forests
  • Moist mixed deciduous forests and grassland

Nameri National Park-


  • In foothills of eastern Himalaya
  • Semi-evergreen moist deciduous forest with cane and bamboo spots and narrow strips of open grassland along river
  • Bird watchers paradise

Orlang National Park-

Orang national park Assam.jpg

  • Mini kaziranga
  • Part of Indo-Burma hotspot
  • In north Brahmputra river, Pachnoi river, Belsiri river, Dhansiri river
  • Sub-tropical monsoon climate
  • One horned rhino

National Parks in Manipur


Keibul-lamjao National Park-

keibul lamajao.png

  • Only floating nation park in world
  • Ramsar site
  • Integral part of loktak lake
  • Park is swamp with floating mass of vegetation created by accrual of organic garbage and biomes with soil particles that has been thickened into solid formed called as Phumdis
  • On Phumdis eld deer/sangai deer/dancing deer lives

Shiroy National Park-

siroy national park.jpg

  • Shiroy kashong peak(abundant flowers during monsson)
  • Shirui lily is found here(state flower)
  • Wildlife- Blyth Tragopan and Mrs humes bar backed pheasant is found

National Parks in Arunachal Pardesh


Namdapha National Park-


  • Located between Mishmi and Patakai range
  • Near Indo- Myanmar border
  • Largest protected area in eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot
  • Evergreen rainforest
  • The habitat changes with increasing altitude from tropical moist forest to montane forests, temperate forests and at the higher elevation to alpine Meadow and perennial snow

Mouling National Park-


  • Named after mouling peak
  • In western part of dihang- dibang biosphere reserve
  • Forms a transition zone between tropical forest at lower altitudes to moist temperate forest
  • Red panda

National Parks in Mizoram


Murlen National Park-


  • Closer to chin hills
  • Only 1% of sunlight can penetrate the forest so because of this it is also called as land of no return
  • Tropical, semi-evergreen and sub-montane forests

Phwangpui National Park-


  • Also called as Blue mountain National Park
  • Chhimtuipui river
  • Slopes are covered by Orchids and Rhododendrous with areas of bamboo
  • Mrs hume pheasant (Mizoram state bird)

Ntangki National Park-

ntangki np.jpg

National Parks in Tripura

Clouded leopard National Park-

clouded leopard np

  • Clouded leopard
  • Spectacled langur

Rajbari National Park-

National Parks in Sikkim


Khangchendzonga National Park-


  • Name from peak
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Zemu glacier
  • The vegetation of park include temperate broadleaf and mixed forest
  • Alpine grasses and shrubs at higher altitude.