Citizenship Important facts:

Constitution of India don’t talk about acquisition and loss of citizenship, it only talked  Citizenship.

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Constitution speaks only about citizenship at the day of Independence and it is left to parliament to make law for acquisition and renunciation of citizenship.

Deciding article on 26th day for citizenship:-

Article-5:- Domicile of India

Article-6:- Return from Pakistan

Article-7:- Migration to pakistan , but returned

Article-8:- Person of India origin

Citizenship act 1955 will be read under:-

Article-9:- loosing citizenship

Article-10:- Continuation of citizenship

Article-11:-  Power to parliament to regulate citizenship.

Under citizenship act 1955:-

Acquisition of citizenship by 5 ways:- a) By birth b) By descent c) By registration d) By naturalization e) By incorporation of territory

Loss of  citizenship by 3 ways:- a) By renunciation b) By termination c) By deprivation

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